Air Purifiers for Hair Nail & Beauty Salons

Air Purifiers for Hiar Nail and Beauty Salons Guide

Hair Nail & Beauty salons expose both staff and clientele to dangerous levels of hazardous chemical vapours. In the case of staff who are exposed daily, there is undoubtedly an increased risk of aggravating respiratory health conditions such as allergies, asthma and asthmatic bronchitis as well as the increased risk of developing chemical sensitivities, serious pulmonary diseases and cancers. It has been stated by organisations such as the EPA that the air inside our homes can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside, so you could only imagine how much more polluted the air will be in a busy nail or hair salon.

Most commercial shopping premises where nail or hair salons are generally located should have some form of ventilation in the way of ducted air conditioning however this is only adequate for normal conditions and nowhere near sufficient for salons where aerosols, solvents and a myriad of other chemicals are being used. Therefore, it is essential for salons to be proactive in maintaining a healthy environment for staff and customers alike.

Nail salons should really have extraction units at each station. Extractors are normally built into many nail salon tables but the problem is that these built in extraction units are rather primitive in design and filtration technologies. This means that they are ok at removing nail and other particle dust (approximately 80% to 90%) but only remove about 50% to 70% of chemical vapours. Some of these toxic vapours and other gaseous pollutants are sub .01 microns in size and are continuously suspended in the air easily circulating to other areas of the salon away from stations. An air purifier with large activated carbon filters and a good quality fan should provide enough airflow and circulation within a salon to remove the remaining air pollutants.

In some situations, it may not be practical to have large specialised salon tables or expensive ducted air extraction and filtration systems installed so using good quality portable air purifiers is an obvious alternative.

Air purifiers best suited for use in hair and beauty salons must have high quality, large capacity activated carbon filters that will remove noxious gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), aerosol vapours, fumes and various types of odours.

Some brands such as Winix and Ionmax also offer complementary technologies such as UV-C and PlasmaWave which destroy pollutants on a molecular level however, these types of air purifiers were designed for normal domestic situations and don't have the added large amounts of activated carbon in their filters to assist in the removal of heavy chemical vapours.

Recommended Air Purifiers for Salons

InovaAir AirClean E20 Chemical Plus

Filters Included
1 x Electrostatic Pre-filter (for larger particles)
1 x 10kg Activated Carbon Filter