Air Purifiers for Your Baby Room

The Best Air Purifiers for Your Baby Room


Various studies have shown that the air inside our homes can contain substantially higher concentrations of airborne pollutants than the air outside. These airborne contaminants may consist of dust particles, pollens, mould spores, dust mite waste, pet dander, exhaust fumes, various types of smoke particles, naturally occurring volatile organic compounds and chemically based volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

These pollutants can originate from both internal and external sources so just shutting your home up will not eliminate the problem. If anything, it will worsen the contaminant levels so using an air purifier in combination with some form of cyclic air ventilation will always be a better option, even if that ventilation involves something as simple as opening the house up for a short period during the clear and cleaner times of day.

It has been established that infants breathe in 50 percent more air per pound of body weight than adults. Add to this, the fact that a baby’s lungs are still in development and that makes it imperative for parents to consider some form of air purification for their baby’s room as well as other living areas of the home.

Obviously, an air purifier will not be the one and only solution. Regular cleaning with natural non toxic cleaning products, vacuuming, avoiding carpets and floor rugs, washing linen regularly, avoiding perfumes and not spraying aerosols in the baby’s room all help to mitigate the risk of your baby breathing in contaminated air.

Certain filter technologies are better suited for certain pollutants however as a general rule, a baby air purifier should be a bit of an all-rounder and have at the very least, these following attributes:

  • A good quality Pre-filter to catch the larger particulates
  • High grade “True HEPA” filter (Not the low grade HEPA, commonly found in cheaper machines)
  • Decent size activated carbon filter
  • Nothing that emits ozone at any level or for any lifespan
  • Not too noisy when running on low to medium speeds
  • Light, compact and portable
  • Quality built as you will want to be running it 24/7
    (A long warranty is sometimes a good indicator of build quality, as it demonstrates that the manufacturer is willing to stand by the quality of their product)

Using a portable air purifier for your baby’s room is a good idea as you won’t be limited to using it just in the one room. Most portable units are either light enough to carry or have castor wheels so they can be easily moved anywhere within the house.


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