Best Air Purifiers for Smoke

Smoke is an unpleasant irritant to your eyes, nose and throat as it can trigger various allergic reactions. It can also penetrate fabrics and the porous surfaces of objects leaving behind stubborn odours that are hard to remove. An air purifier can be used to remove both the visible smoke and the lingering odour. The technologies most capable of doing this, are True HEPA filters for the visible particles and an Activated Carbon Filter for the odours. You should ensure that the carbon filter has adequate amounts of carbon to effectively handle the heavier pungent odours. UV-C and PlasmaWave technologies will also help to remove odours and will be especially effective if used in combination with large sized activated carbon filters.

*Note that smoke odour removal is not instantaneous. Results will also vary depending on the air purifier used, pungency of odour and if the area is directly exposed to smoke on a continual basis.


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