Best Air Purifiers for Dust

Dust is generally comprised of several types of living organisms and non-living elements such as lint, food scraps, insect excrement, mould spores, soil, dust mites and dead skin. In fact, 75% or more of indoor dust is dead skin from humans and their pets.

Unfortunately, manual dusting and cleaning alone won’t remove all dust, especially the smaller microscopic particles that stay airborne and continuously circulate the room. Even the cleanest of homes can still contain dust and although it may not be noticeable on tabletops or other objects, it is still present in the air. What is a concern to our health, are the smaller microscopic particulates that easily dislodge to become airborne. These particles are then inhaled causing irritations and triggering allergic reactions.

A good quality air purifier with "True HEPA" or "Medical Grade H13 HEPA" technology is the best solution to remove these types of dust pollutants from your indoor air.


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