Best Air Purifiers for Chemicals & VOC's

Have you just moved into a newly built home? New carpets, floor varnishing’s, paint fumes, household cleaners, plastics and new furniture are just some of the many things that can leach toxic chemicals and odours into the air. This actually happens in all homes regardless of age as most household products' molecular structure continue to break down over time releasing toxins and Volatile Organic Compounds. As people spend a large amount of time indoors, It is important to filter these toxic pollutants from the air to avoid any compounding affects on your health.

Every good good air purifier should have a pre-filter plus a True HEPA or Medical Grade HEPA filter. However, the best filter technology for removing chemical vapours, gasses, VOC's and light odours is a high quality “Activated Carbon Filter”. Activated Carbon filters work by way of a process called "adsorption" to remove odours and chemical based vapors from the air. The more high quality carbon the filter has, the better job it will do at removing these pollutants.


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