How Humidifiers Help Infants Breathe and Sleep Better


How Humidifiers Help Infants Breathe and Sleep Better

Parents put a lot of time, effort, and research into setting up the perfect nursery for their newborn child. However, one area that parents often overlook is the moisture level of indoor air and how to achieve an ideal breathing environment. If you live in a drier area of Australia, Humidifiers can help your infant breathe better, sleep better and also reduce problems with dry skin.

The Air in Your Home May Be Drier Than You Realise

Most people feel that the climate in their home is ideal, but the air in your home may be much drier than you think. Because of air conditioning, central heating, geographic or environmental influences, indoor air could be much drier than we anticipate, especially for families who live in the drier parts of the country or for people who rarely open windows to circulate the air. Adults are accustomed to this dry air and have adapted to it however; infants are much more comfortable in a higher moisture environment as they have sensitive skin that can be easily irritated by the dry air.

Air is Easier to Breathe at Optimum Humidity Levels

Infants are still new to breathing and their lungs are still developing and adapting to the environment. Indoor air that is at an optimal humidity level of approximately 55% is easier to breathe and more healthy for them. It is gentler on the sensitive tissues of an infant’s throat and lungs. Because infants can sometimes end up congested in the first few months of their lives as their immune systems continue to develop, having air that is easier to breath can make a big difference to their health and comfort.

Humidifiers and Sleep

Humidifiers also help infants sleep deeper and for longer periods of time. They work on two different levels. First, the humidifier can increase the oxygen flow to an infant. When an infant’s body senses that it may not be getting enough oxygen, the normal reaction is to cry. Crying fills the infant’s lungs with a rush of oxygen, but prevents them, and you, from sleeping.

Secondly, the white noise from the humidifier drowns out outside noises and reduces the chances of an infant suddenly waking up. Infants tend to sleep better in rooms with white noise than rooms that are completely silent. Sleep is key to the healthy development of infants. It is during these periods of sleep that much of the early cognitive development and growth of neurons happens.

Maintaining Humidifiers

Humidifiers are only effective at making it easier for infants to breathe if they are properly maintained. The moisture in the humidifier can become an ideal breeding ground for mould and other pathogens so It is important to clean humidifiers often. The water tank in a humidifier should be checked regularly and any unused water should be replaced with fresh water.

A high-quality humidifier will also have a high-quality filter. The filters only remain effective if they are kept clean and free of debris so the humidifier filter should be monitored regularly.

Humidifiers are not just to be used as a band aid measure when your child becomes sick. Many paediatricians recommend using humidifiers on a regular basis to help keep infants healthy. They make it easier for them to breathe, improve sleep, and can even help with mild congestion and keep colds at bay.

Choosing a high-quality humidifier for your infant will help you both breathe easier in the long run.

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