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Dehumidifiers are deceptively simple machines. They are designed to remove the excess moisture from your home or office. But, a high quality dehumidifier does more than just improve your comfort level. When you use a dehumidifier you will also make your food and furniture last longer, improve your health, and help keep pests away.

The Damage Excess Moisture Causes

Moisture is a destructive force as it is a breeding ground for bacteria, mould, and mildew. Each of these microorganisms silently eats away at everything. Mould and mildew build up can ruin walls, ceilings, and floors. High moisture environments make furniture harder to keep odour free and can weaken the fibres in timber furniture over time, making it more susceptible to breaking.

Microscopic bugs such as dust mites and insects such as cockroaches love dark moisture rich environments. The bacteria that grows so abundantly in moisture causes fruits and bread products to spoil faster. Even your table salt can be affected by moisture, making it clump together in the shaker to become unusable.

A high quality dehumidifier eliminates much of the excess moisture, making it harder for mould, mildew, and bacteria to grow and thrive. When you use a dehumidifier you will make the environment less attractive to pests. Everything from your food to your furnishings will last longer.

Moisture and Your Health

Excess moisture is not just bad for your household items; it can also harm your health. The same bacteria, mould, and mildew that attack your walls will also attack your lungs. Moist environments can create a cycle of sickness and people with weak or compromised immune systems can easily become ill when bacteria are allowed to flourish in the area. Often, almost nobody in the home or office is able to stay consistently healthy because of the constant presence of bacteria.

A dehumidifier makes it harder for disease causing bacteria to build up. Bacteria need moisture to grow and thrive. A dehumidifier deprives them of their favourite environment.

Moisture allows allergens to accumulate in the air. If the air is too humid, even an air purifier may have trouble keeping the environmental contaminants from circulating. A dehumidifier makes an area less hospitable to allergens, making it easier for everyone to breathe and lowers the risk of developing chronic respiratory issues.

Quality is Key

There are many different dehumidifiers on the market but not all are built equal.

If you buy a poor quality dehumidifier, you may find it will only work to a fraction of its stated capacity. Additionally, lower quality dehumidifiers may reach their maximum operating temperature levels more quickly and then shut off too early to have any significant effect on the rooms’ relative humidity level. If a dehumidifier is not able to run long enough, it can allow the moisture levels to build back up quickly and eliminate their usefulness in controlling the levels of bacteria and allergens in the air.

Poor quality dehumidifiers also tend to be less durable, prone to burning out and sometimes, more expensive to run.

On the other hand, a Good Quality Dehumidifier will work to consistently monitor and lower the moisture in the area without adding too much heat or cutting out prematurely. By making the right choice and purchasing a quality dehumidifier, you will make your home or office a healthier and more pleasant place to be. You will have improved air quality and will not have to deal with the musty smells that come from mildew and other fungi that thrive in high moisture areas. 

Investing in a high quality dehumidifier is one of the best ways to create a comfortable and healthier indoor environment.

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